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 Have you made the decision to have a deck built? Are you wanting to provide a nice space to transition from indoor living to outdoor living?

If that is your motivation, you are not alone. Many people enjoy being able to get outdoors and having a comfortable spot to relax, rewind, and regroup is very much desired.

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Why Choose a Wooden Deck?

Putting up a wood deck is a sound choice. And it can be affordable, depending on the choice of wood you make. Obviously, the cost between the different types of lumber can be a deciding factor. 

But professional Deck Builders will tell you that you should be using pretreated or pressure treated lumber for your project. Any wood that is exposed to the elements outdoor will need some treatment so that it can be protected.

Our environment can be very damaging to natural wood products that are outside. The results of neglected wood is cracking, splintering, warping, decay, and rot. 

But luckily, there are cost efficient ways to protect your outdoor wood!    With a new deck, Deck Builders will recommend that you have a waterproof sealant applied to the deck. It will help repel moisture. Lucky for us, most stains offer a sealant that will do the job. Deck Builders recommend applying the sealant or stain as soon as possible, after the deck has been built. Resealing it every couple of years will give you a wooden deck that will last for years to come. Don't mistake pressure treated wood as being already stained or sealed. It isn't. It needs this protection as well.

Oil-based stain is your most effective stain because it penetrates the wood more easily and will fade naturally over time. Painting a deck is going to result in peeling, because the paint does not penetrate the wood enough. You will need to reapply once peeling starts. Deck builders will recommend you simply avoid paint and use stain to get the results you are looking for. 

Because of the moisture that comes in the form of snow to our region, it is also suggested that you should shovel off the snow as soon as possible. While we understand that you don't necessarily use the deck in the winter, the snow can melt and penetrate the wood. So it is best to at clear it off when you can.

Sweep up any dirt and leaves that may end up on your wood deck. Leaves will decay and leave a stain on the wood which can be troublesome to get removed. Also, with any flower boxes or planters that you plan to have on the wood deck, you should put something under them to collect dirt. If not, the dirt can also stain the wood over time.

Seasonal changes can mean that you will be getting out your pressure washer and hosing the deck off. If you are routinely sweeping away dirt and mess, you shouldn't have too much of a clean up to do. And with barbeques, make sure that any grease traps are drained and are not allowed to spill over onto the wood deck beneath them.   

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