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You have no doubt heard about and seen vinyl flooring in a home or office. Maybe a kitchen or bathroom. Or perhaps a breakroom somewhere.    

Well, we are moving that vinyl flooring option to the outdoors! 

Vinyl decking solutions are on the rise, for individuals or companies looking for something different than wood or wood-looking decks.  

If you are considering a vinyl deck, give us a call to discuss your plans.  Or simply complete the webform and we will call you back to offer a free quote.

Is Vinyl Decking a Good Choice?

With about as many patterns and colors to match anyone's taste, you will no doubt find the right one that will compliment your deck and home or business. 

If you are drawn to this kind of decking solution but prefer the look of wood, there are designs available to give you that option as well.

What exactly is vinyl decking? Vinyl is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and is a synthetic plastic compound. We are finding it used for residential decks, commercial decks, rooftop decks, sundecks, patios and porches, around pools and hot tubs, and even floating decks! With the growing number of applications, there has to be some benefits to using vinyl decking!   Vinyl decking is a membrane. It is attached to a subsurface of sanded, untreated plywood. The really nice thing about this is it can transform a current deck structure into something amazing. Simply by installing plywood down to the deck, so that the vinyl membrane can be attached.

Waterproofing the deck can't be any easier than installing the vinyl. Once adhered to the wooden subsurface, the entire top surface is watertight. You have to keep in mind that any railings or attachments may give opportunity for moisture to penetrate to the plywood (which you do not want). Sealing these openings will stop that completely.

Maintenance is very easy, with simple cleaning done to the vinyl a couple of times a year.

Did we mention different color choices and patterns? You will be really excited to see all of the different options that are available for decks! Deck builders will tell you that there is an abundance of style and contemporary appeal to this type of decking. But with as many different contemporary options available, there are as many wood-looking options too. So you do not need to forfeit anything from your personal style and still have a contemporary choice.

Installation isn't simple. And should be completed by qualified deck builders. You are, after all, installing something that needs to be waterproof and you are doing this outdoors. Where it will be exposed to all elements our environment will throw at it. This should be tackled by professionals.

But if you are really looking for an upscale, classy, maintenance-free solution to your decking needs, we should talk about vinyl decking.  

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