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St Albert Deck Builders

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We are proud to be active and contributing to the residential and commercial properties located in our vibrant communities. We are deck builders, serving customers in all areas of St Albert! 

Planning a deck construction? Needing to give an old deck some love and attention? Looking for ways to maximize your resale value of your current home?  

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 We serve the following areas: Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Beaumont, Fort Saskatchewan and Spruce Grove.

St Albert, Alberta

Located northwest of the city of Edmonton, St. Albert is a community of residents and businesses with a population of over 65K persons calling it their home. It is located on the Sturgeon River. Commuting to and from Edmonton is easy for those who work in the large capital city. And for those who choose to work closer to home, there are many businesses and jobs that are active right in St. Albert as well.

Founded in 1861 by Father Albert Lacombe, who build a log cabin chapel to minister to the Cree and Metis. This was originally a Metis settlement. Father Lacombe had originally planned on placing his mission at Lac Ste Anne, but changed his mind for more fertile soil found here. He called this location for his ministry Mission Hill and the structure has been restored and declared a Provincial Historical Site. At the time that it was settled, St. Albert was the largest agricultural settlement west of Winnipeg and was non-fortified.

St. Albert would become a common stopping point for the First Nations, on their way to Fort Edmonton. This was also beneficial for the priests and nuns to be able to purchase supplies and administer to the people at the Fort on their journeys there. In 1899, St. Albert was incorporated as a village, and shortly after that, as a town in 1904. It officially became a city as of 1977. 

With a population that continues to grow, St Albert is home to some of the best schools, shopping malls, restaurants, and entertainment venues. With a lot of outdoor space, greenery, and landscaped grounds, many people find this community relaxing and wonderful to raise their families in. And still be minutes from the major urban center of Edmonton.