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Composite decks are a coming together of two different materials to create one better product.

Composite is made up of both wood particles or fibers, and plastic. Basically, it is the combining of the natural environmental element with the man-made element to compliment each other.  

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Why Choose a Composite Wood Deck?

Composite can look like wood, feel like wood, and even cut like wood. But, unlike wood, it brings in the extra protection that plastic offers. This is a really great solution for material that will be exposed to outdoor conditions. And we know we can have some pretty strong conditions, from cold weather of winter, to the heat of our summers.

Deck builders are constructing more and more decks using composite materials. It is rapidly becoming a very popular choice for many different property owners, both residential and commercial. Especially for those who like the natural look of wood, but are not that crazy about the upkeep that is required to keep it lasting for years.   Unlike natural wood decks, composite decks don't need to be sanded smooth, don't develop splinters, and don't rot. They are resistant to mold, mildew, and moss. They don't get bleached by the sun in the summers. So you will not need to re-stain or paint them. The colors will remain vibrant without a lot of maintenance required.

They are moisture resistant so they don't warp. Melting snow from our winters will not penetrate the surface and cause a deterioration of the material. Nor will the rainfall of our summers cause any lasting damage to the product. 

Trust deck builders when they tell you that the maintenance of this product is easy. Routine sweeping and washing is not that hard. You may just need to give them a wash in the spring to clear off any dust or dirt remaining but overall, there is very little upkeep required. 

And the variety of colors are definitely a bonus. You can see right away what color the end product is. Not like wood, where you will see it once you have done the staining. There is no guess work here on what you get. And it is so easy to mix different colors and shades together to create a really unique looking deck! And still keep the look and feel of traditional wood that you are trying to go for. 

Did you know that most composite decks are made from recycled wood? Yes! Environmental concerns can be relieved, knowing that most manufactures don't cut down trees to create this product. They recycle used wood. Thus, they give old wood a new opportunity for use that will last for years upon years.

Professional deck builders should be honest with you about the price of this product. It is more than traditional wood. But if you really take into account all of the benefits, durability, and ease of maintenance over the years, this extra investment could really pay for itself. And over the course of just a few years of it's lifespan.     

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