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Deck Builders Edmonton

Quality Decks to enjoy your outdoors.

Choosing Professional Deck Builders is a smart choice. 

We deal with everything with great attention to detail, so that the decks we build are functional and pleasing to our clients. It is important that our decks are built to withstand the weather and environmental conditions. We want you to have a deck to be proud of for years to come.

We have completed both residential and commercial deck builds for many clients in Edmonton and the surrounding area. 

Our commitment to client satisfaction will set us apart from many of our fellow deck builders. And we are dedicated to maintaining that commitment. 

Feel free to contact us by calling the number below or simply complete the webform submission and one of our staff will get back to you to discuss. If you have design plans, you can submit them as well via email to us.

Wooden Deck Builders

Wood decking is still the most common type of decks built.  It has a very natural, rustic component that is appealing to many property owners  

Composite Deck Builders

Composite decking uses a material created with both wood byproducts and plastic.  It looks and feels like natural wood but is more enhanced.  

Vinyl Deck Builders

Vinyl or PVC Decking can really bring a sense of luxury to your project and are low maintenance.  And can be cost efficient in the long run.  

Local Deck Builders

As we live and work right here in this vibrant community, we support local businesses daily.  And we know that you do to!

We are Decking Specialists 

With years of experience in the construction of quality decks for residential and commercial clients, we are very good at what we do!  And we are always interested in hearing about your plans for your deck!  

We serve the following areas: Edmonton, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Beaumont, Fort Saskatchewan and Spruce Grove.
Deck Builders Edmonton

Customer Service is Paramount to Us

We always strive to cultivate long lasting business relationships with our clients and continually seek out more and more ways to strengthen this relationship.   

We listen intently to your requests so that we can find the correct solution for you and your business. 

Time and time again, we renew this commitment to you.   If you are a new client of ours, we look forward to forging this relationship with you.  

Edmonton Deck Builders

Your Project is in Our Neck of the Woods! 

We have a pretty big neighborhood that we work in! We are a local business, operating out of Edmonton.  And have probably been in most communities within this city we call home. We also have projects in our near by communities too!  
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Edmonton's Best Deck Builders
Deck Builders Edmonton

Why Choose Professional Deck Builders?

This isn’t just your average deck. This is your deck. We’re going to make sure this deck is completed by the best, most affordable and well qualified deck builders in the entire community. This isn't a typical deck job, it’s your deck job! So, we will ensure that your vision is created and you can trust your deck installation is in good hands.

When you hire us as your Deck Builders, we will ensure that the correct materials are used for your project. We will ensure that the plans, measurements, and design are all followed to the smallest detail. Our goal is always to produce the deck that you want. To your specifications. And to give you an outdoor space that you will be extremely pleased to use. Because, that is the purpose of the deck, isn’t it?

We know you want a deck you can depend on. You want a deck that will last for years to come, with minimal maintenance cost or work. You want a deck that will be beautiful, strong and sturdy. You want to have a deck for your beautiful patio furniture, you are so proud of, to be displayed.   
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Deck Builders Edmonton

Why Build a Deck?

You want a great backyard. Maybe you had a deck installed before, but it's fallen into some kind of disrepair. Your deck needs some TLC. Let’s get it replaced and give you back that outdoor space you have been longing for. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a nice deck to sit out on and take in all the rest of your hard work on the yard? Sipping a cool drink on a summer’s day, while looking at the lovely flowers starting to bloom in the beds along the fence. Plants hanging that are full and luscious, lawn and flowers well dotted with color. 

What a wonderful way to relax after a stressful day. Or maybe inviting close friends over for a barbeque, filled with great food, fun conversation, and lots of laughter, well into the evening.

We can paint a very appealing picture of what it could be like after your deck is completed. Now, it’s time to start making that picture a reality! 

And that’s where we come in! Let us help you accomplish this together. Let us be your Deck Builders! ​We understand that budget is an important deciding factor on any project. And keeping within that budget is equally important. If you are interested, we can offer you some options, based on your project and different materials. This can really make it easier for you to see a clear path to move forward on. We would love to hear about you deck plans and provide a free quote, no strings attached!  
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Deck Builders Edmonton

Do You Need a Permit to Build a Deck?

Yes, and no. It really depends on a couple of factors. First, there are different kinds of permits required by the City of Edmonton. One is a Development Permit. The other is a Building Permit.

A Development Permit is used to assess the impact of structures being built in relation to the surrounding structures in the area or community. This includes alterations to an existing structure, which could apply to a deck being planned.  If you are building a deck that has no walls or no roof, is not more than 47.25 inches above the ground at all points, is situated in the backyard or side yard completely, and is not situated on a corner lot, then you do not need a Development Permit. If your deck plans do not meet all of the requirements mentioned, then it may be deemed as an addition or alteration to an existing structure, namely your home. You would then require a Development Permit.

A Building Permit is used to ensure that land usage, zoning laws, and construction plans comply with the local standards set up by the City of Edmonton. After construction plans are reviewed, the Building Permit will be issued. Then there will be require inspections of the construction to ensure all laws and guidelines are being satisfied.

If you are building a deck with no walls and no roof, and it is no more than .6 meters (23.5 inches) above the ground at all points, you will not require a Building Permit. If your deck does not fit into the requirements listed, you will need to get a Building Permit.

It is important to understand the requirements of each permit to make sure that your deck build is compliant. As Deck Builders, we are very familiar with what is required. We help sort all of this out for you. If you need permits, we will be advising you of that fact and the cost associated with each needed. You can also read up on the City of Edmonton website on all the different permit types and what are the regulations around each type.

We are here to assist you with all stages of deck building. From start to finish. Reach out today and let’s get this deck built! Trust Edmonton’s best Deck Builders!